Sokcho City, the R.O.K.

AUGUST 15-17 - Trip to Sokcho and Seorak-San National Park, in Northeast Korea

Cast of characters sitting on the floor of the bus station: Me (in Adventure hat), John, Katie, and of course the beautiful Allie (she's the photographer)

...and yes, I hang out in bus stations.

We started the trip in traffic... a 5 hour (by schedule) bus ride turned into a 9 hour bus ride.
Balls. We arrived at night, and rather than going to the mountain campsite, we just decided to camp on the beach.


*some were opposed to calling it "Fort Cool." I don't know why. (ahem, A.)

(It looks like A. almost got swallowed up in the sea, but I assure you, she's just looking for shells.)

We started on a high: Beach party, corn dogs, beer, and a high-stakes "screw the dealer" game.
Later: spilled beer in the tent, sand all over everything, rain, leaky tents.
3am: Woke up in a puddle because our tent didn't have proper walls.
Allie's side of the tent somehow didn't get wet at all and she laughed maniacally when she saw me shivering in a puddle.

Fireworks on the beach. I mean we're in Asia, right?

Huge Buddha. I didn't include the picture of me giving it a high-five, nor did I include the picture of Allie sitting on its shoulder.

Hiking at Seorak-San National Park. Behold the senic beauty.
It was rainy. There were falling rocks as well.

Carnival in Sokcho City - And we rode THE VIKING (their only ride) and I almost barfed up my 30-piece chicken dinner.

The bus ride home: more traffic, but there was a TV showing the R.O.K.'s women's olympic ping pong match.


Anonymous said...

I love it and want more! Pictures of you eating octopus. Allie eating sea cucumber! More hats please!

Anonymous said...

Whoah? Does Katie have a D&D coffee there? What gives?

trent said...

Dave, I like your adventure hat. Also I do not know what R.O.K means... blank of korea? I like to think its rocking out korea.