Jeju Island, the R.O.K.

JULY 28 - AUGUST 3 - trip to Jeju Island, 60 miles off the southern coast of the R.O.K.

Our ferry... Allie and I rode 3rd class, so we were just in an empty room with a bunch of Koreans. Mid-way through the night, some old man had stolen Allie's blanket. Very weird. Also, they stared at us the whole time. This picture is of that room... but it just looks like yoga class.

Allie as we're leaving Incheon port... and then the beer company sent us money cause the picture is cool. Fun fact: All Koreans are obsessed with blond girls.

Seagulls followed us for a long time.

This is a picture of the ferry's engine blowing up.


Looks like fun, doesn't it? Well... at about 3AM, we were over open ocean (no longer along the coast) and then the boat started rocking like crazy, so I spent the next 4 hours throwing up. Awesome!

FINALLY we were coming to the port at Jeju City.

These statues are all over Jeju-do... they're "grandfather protectorates," and they're literally everywhere. They're made from porous volcanic rock.

One of the many waterfalls on the island

Another small island off the coast of Jeju-do

Koreans like to stack these little stones up all over Korea. I think it's for luck.

Allie on Mt. Halla

The majestic scenery of Mt. Halla


Thumb-war tournament advertisement

EW they have hand-made Man Doo. Weird, right? Because it's my BUTT that makes my Man Doo... y'know... not my hands.... Get it?

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