The DMZ, Korea

~~~THE DMZ~~~

Starting out at Dorsan Station, the last stop in South Korea.


George Bush. Zoom in, and you'll see the pen is apparently upside-down. Our tour guide got a real kick out of that.

Here come the Swedes to discuss opening an IKEA on the border.

Life on the army base. N1ce!

Picture on the left: you can see into N. Korea, but you have to stand behind that yellow line to take a picture.
Picture on the right: my crappy picture of N. Korea taken from behind the yellow line.

Due to a cultural mix-up at lunch, Allie and I got contracted to build a tunnel.

Authentic dangerous feelings!

Xmas cards.

Tour bus! Monument! Memorial wall!

Free girl on the free side of the Freedom Bridge

I didn't think that trains were allowed to cross the bridge...?


Hello Kitty Exhibition, Seoul, R.O.K.


Early November, Art Exhibition, 63 Building, Seoul

Yes, this is EXACTLY what it looks like: looping video art showing a snowman pooping into ice cream cones as Hello Kitty giggles every 10 seconds.

Kitty art.

Tunnel of dreams - this exhibit had it all...

Just to prove we were actually here...

Fun Kitty-Facts

More Kitty.

Note the translation. It speaks for itself.


Big Bird Stadium, Suwon, R.O.K.

At the Big Bird Stadium, home of the Suwon Blue Wings. Suwon is currently tied for first place in the league. Awesome.

They asked me to give a motivational speech at half-time. And then they gave me this commemorative photo.

Flares?! Where are we, in Italy?!

(L-to-R: Thomas, Alex, Patrick)

I'm pleased with the skill level.

Reserve team. They suck!


Seoul, the R.O.K.

Trip during Korean Thanksgiving...

Who's this brunette? A Korean?

Royal Gyeongbok Palace...

Just 2 regular Koreans.

Awesome, by walking through this thing, I just got eternal youth.

Changing of the guard. There were way less ninjas than I expected... or maybe they were ninjas in disguise...

This is at Lotte World, an indoor/outdoor amusement park. With ice skating.

Our new camera is cool.

Yes, those ARE prostitutes beckoning us to "Come to pah-ty"

Rodeo-Western-Military-Bar... Lotsa soldiers.

Where should we go to drink? We have ALL OF SEOUL to chose from! ...

... And... somehow we ended up drinking HERE??????

The next morning...


Me lookin at all these hot bags.