Dongtan, Hwaseong City, R.O.K.

So this is Dongtan, Part 1... just a brief overview of the city chronicled one day while I was walking to work.

My apartment mega-complex. There are about 22 buildings here.

This is the site (apparently) of the future tallest building in Korea. And it'll also be a movie theater and a mall and a really cool coffee shop. It'll be the ultimate hang-zone! However, it won't be ready till 2010, and they didn't mention that nugget to me until after I came here.

Our two mascots of Hwaseong City (more like a county)... Mr. Fine is my personal hero because looking at him, you know he has his shit together. If you can't tell, Mr. Fine is a triangle and he's holding a flag that says "Fine City," which is Hwaseong City's motto. Miss fine is all arms.

Bus number 17 what up

This is one of the 4 main commercial plaza areas in the city... I live nearest this one and work here too. Notice they put businesses on the upper floors. Isn't that interesting?

My favorite restaurant, PIZZA SCHOOL. Every day, they school me in the art of awesome pizza. Cowabunga!

And finally, we finish with my classroom. Well, here it is. I couldn't fit the back of the classroom into the picture, but that's where I keep the cages for the naughty boys and girls.

Anyway, I hope you find this place to be a truly Fine City.


KevK said...

First, does Mr Fine's Bongo Drum have legs? Second, Is that normal over there?
Anyways, ill post here to keep you in touch with me and other (former) 'Natiens.

Big news is that ill be proposing soon, but still need a killer proposal idea. Got anything?


Anonymous said...

dave I urgently need to know if they teach u how to make pizza @ pizza school because I copyrighted my restaurant idea of pizza university in 1999