Korean New Year, Seoul, R.O.K.

We spent Korean New Year in Seoul.

OMG! Allie "accidentally" knocked this hat onto the ground... the muddy, slushy ground... and the guy made her buy it. Then she TPed his house. Ah-Sahhhhh!

Whoa, wtf? a Mexican restaurant in KOREA??!?! Dios mia! We ate at this place like 8 times over the weekend. They kept giving us "W5,000 off" coupons. Fiesta en mi zapatos! Katie's a lush! MUCHOS CALIENTE!

"And then he stabbed me like this..."

Myeong-Dong... it looks cooler in black and white.

Korean malls are like American malls... except they have little "scenes" set up and everyone gets their picture taken in them.

And all the clothes are made by Jesus.

It was actually a really good time - the hat just makes people look like this.

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