The DMZ, Korea

~~~THE DMZ~~~

Starting out at Dorsan Station, the last stop in South Korea.


George Bush. Zoom in, and you'll see the pen is apparently upside-down. Our tour guide got a real kick out of that.

Here come the Swedes to discuss opening an IKEA on the border.

Life on the army base. N1ce!

Picture on the left: you can see into N. Korea, but you have to stand behind that yellow line to take a picture.
Picture on the right: my crappy picture of N. Korea taken from behind the yellow line.

Due to a cultural mix-up at lunch, Allie and I got contracted to build a tunnel.

Authentic dangerous feelings!

Xmas cards.

Tour bus! Monument! Memorial wall!

Free girl on the free side of the Freedom Bridge

I didn't think that trains were allowed to cross the bridge...?

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